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Families Active Together

Sing and shimmy is a fun and exciting social class for young families using a range of equipment, dance moves and songs. The class was designed to help children improve coordination, memory and learning skills. We have received excellent feedback from parents who have seen an improvement in their child’s independence and confidence over several months of attending the sessions.

Children enjoy playing with the range of equipment available at each session as well as developing their imagination by acting out different animals and characters. A variety of music tracks including nursery rhymes gives children a broader musical knowledge at a small age. Amber from Middlesbrough loves the music and particularly enjoys learning the song with matching dance moves.

Isobel aged 4 and child minder Wendy have been attending Sing and Shimmy sessions since October 2016 and find the sessions exciting and engaging for the children. Since Isobel joined the sessions she has become more independent and is happy to take part in the session without Wendy. Isobel says that ‘The session makes me very happy. I love using the parachute at the end and making it into a den for us to play in. Out of the whole class my favourite would be I’m a little tea pot.’