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Wear it Pink for “Breast Cancer Now”

October brought Wear it Pink Day in support of Breast Cancer now to raise awareness of breast cancer and raise money to make life-saving research happen!

The official ‘Wear it Pink’ day was 19.10.18 but to help the cause our classes wore pink and we collected donations for a whole week from 15th-19th October!

All of the lovely ladies from our Dancercise classes, Fitsteps class and Adult Tap class joined in on the week long event and came in all shades and varieties of pink and made lots of donations!

We even had the pleasure of 2 pink ladies paying a visit to one of our classes in Shotton!



In total we raised: £253.24 for the cause!

For more information on Wear it Pink click here


Breast Cancer Awareness is a cause extremely close to many people’s hearts and at Nouveau we have seen the battles some people must face. Our own class participant Dawn Lund survived her ordeal.


Dawn’s Cancer Recovery Story:

“A lifetime desire to tap dance. When my tap class closed I thought I wouldn’t be able to cope with Dancercise as my energy levels were very low after a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy as treatment for breast cancer. But I was told I could try without any commitment. I’ve been committed ever since.

I always attend and only miss a class if I’m away on holiday. I now have wide circle of friends as a result of the class. (Before I retired I knew no-one in the town except immediate neighbors as I worked full-time in Gateshead). After my illness my confidence was at an all-time low. The classes gave me a new interest, something to look forward to, new faces to meet and my confident, independent self-started to return. I was even able to make people laugh. The class helped me so much in this respect. More than I could ever have hoped for.

When I first attended I had recently completed a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer.  I admit I was severely affected by not only the shock but the treatment. The chemo damaged my nervous system to a degree that I couldn’t sleep or relax in any way.  I couldn’t even sit down for more than a few minutes at a time, I had to attend a hospice day care center every week for support, and I couldn’t drive which meant I lost my independence. In the end the doctor had to prescribe addictive drugs to help me through the mending process. Subsequently, the exercise classes with Nouveau Wellbeing formed a very important part of my healing process.

Since then:

Dawn told us: “I simply am more confident. I was able to organise a trip to the theatre for some of the group. My self-esteem is probably higher than it’s ever been. Recently one mother (in the Dancercise group) was looking for someone to help her son with his A level Math’s and Physics (my expertise) so I was able to help him on several occasions which I found stimulating. She wanted to pay me but I wouldn’t accept payment. As a surprise I found I’d been given a voucher for 10 free Dancercise classes! I was really touched. It meant so much more to me than money ever could.”


It was a lovely sight to see all of our ladies coming together to raise awareness, money and support for Breast Cancer Now. We hope the money raised will go towards helping others on their road of recovery like Dawn!