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Fitness over 50: How to start aging healthily

Sometimes people 50+ can assume that they’re too unfit, tired, or sick to exercise, so they avoid it completely. Others believe they should lower the intensity of their exercise due to some of the signs that come with growing older, such as losing strength.

But they’re wrong. The real danger to your health is not exercising at all.

We don’t stop moving as we grow older, we grow old because we stop moving!

At any age, you can improve balance, increase your strength, preserve bone density and improve your overall health and wellbeing. But, only a combination of regular exercise and healthy eating can help you achieve this, so don’t let your physical age scare you away from a class or the gym! Age is just a number after all. It’s what is on the inside and how your body feels which really counts!

Here are some helpful tips for starting and/or maintaining your path to a aging healthily over the age of 50:

Add strength-training to your routine

Most people hit the gym and head straight for the treadmill. While cardio exercise is vital to long-lasting health, it’s the strength-training that helps you maintain and regain strength. Strength training also improves your metabolism, meaning that you burn calories for much longer after workouts.

Don’t overlook stretching

As we get into our 50+, it’s even more important to incorporate stretching into our routine. As age increases, bodies don’t warm up or cool down as quickly. Before a workout, adults 50+ need to warm-up for at least five minutes in order to increase blood flow to muscles and loosen tendons.

Get help learning to eat healthy

It’s easy to say eat more broccoli and less chocolate, but the fact is most people don’t know where to start when it comes to planning a healthy diet – or how to sustain it beyond a couple of weeks. That’s why you should give serious thought into working with a dietitian who can put you on a nutrition plan that speaks to your needs and goals.
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Recruit a workout buddy

You’re more likely to stick with an exercise program or attend a class if you attend regularly with a friend. This helps keep each of you accountable and motivated.
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Keep learning and connecting

How do you learn to exercise more effectively, eat right, get more and better sleep, keep your brain sharp and so on? Attend classes regularly, be consistent, share your plans and ideas with friends and keep up to date with Nouveau Wellbeing posts, blogs and recipes!

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