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I started Zumba gold classes with Nuvo in August 2014. After losing my husband, I felt I needed to get back on track and keep myself active and positive. I saw T-Tuesdays advertised on a poster and rang up to find out what it was all about. When a cuppa was mentioned I thought this would be a great was to get out and socialise. I was unsure of the Zumba gold class but thought if I don’t give it a go I will never know if I am able to do it. I spoke to a friend of mine and we went together so I wasn’t alone. The session turned out to be a huge success and even though I wasn’t very coordinated I still managed the dancing part. 

I had never attended any physical activity classes before but always like to listen to music. I really enjoyed the music from old songs to new songs and was singing along to most of them. I had a good laugh with my friend and the instructor, as I was very uncoordinated and kept going the wrong way but this made the session fun and enjoyable making me want to come back week after week. I didn’t find that the class was too difficult and I was able to keep up in my own fashion.

I felt great walking out of the studio door and spoke all the way home about it to my friend. I even rang a family member up to tell them all about the great class I had just attended. I met lots of new people there and some friends I already know this made me feel at ease and the instructor made me feel very welcome. 

I feel my fitness levels have definitely increased and I feel happier after attending the session. If I miss a class a can certainly tell that week as I am a lot stiffer and unable to do some tasks around the house. I also feel I am gaining in confidence and my coordination is improving.

Overall I feel this is a great class and would certainly recommend it to other people I know.