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World Mental Health Day: How Physical Activity boosts your Mental Health?

Monday 10th October marks World Mental Health Day!
Here at Nuvo Wellbeing our aim is to better Mental Health through physical activity every day! Check out these 5 ways physical activity can improve your mental health!

Exercise Boosts your Mood!

Many studies have shown that taking part in physical activity has a positive impact on your mood. During exercise, our body releases endorphins (feel good hormones) which helps us to feel positive and boosts our overall mood. After completing exercise, we also feel more positive about ourselves and experience boosted self-esteem! All of these will help to impact our mood positively throughout the day!

Exercise Reduces Stress!

Being regularly active has proven to have a positive impact on relieving stress as it both reduces long term stress and improves our lifestyle. If you come home from work after a stressful day, taking part in 30 minutes of exercise can help you switch off, place you in a better mood and help you relax and release tension which can improve your mental health for the rest of the night and next day.

Exercise Can Build Self-Esteem!

Taking part in regular physical activity can have a hugely positive impact on your self-esteem meaning it makes you feel better about yourself and increases your self-worth. Your mental wellbeing is hugely impacted by the way you view yourself, meaning that by taking steps to improve your self-esteem through exercise you can boost your mental health! Furthermore, when someone feels their self-esteem has risen, they are more able to cope with stress and relationships.

Exercise Improves Sleep!

Studies show that people with a set sleep schedule are less inclined to struggle with mental health issues. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for both the body and the mind. It will allow your body and mind to rest and recover and be ready for a new day, whereas, someone who struggles with sleep may not feel relieved in the morning and may feel ill due to being sleep deprived. Exercising can help you to be more active and help to tire your body out so when it comes to going to bed, your quality of sleep is improved and you are more likely to maintain a healthy sleep routine.

Exercise Reduces Anxiety and Depression!

Anxiety and depression can easily get on top of us, however by partaking in regular exercise, we can help to relieve this and feel more positive and relaxed. By exercising regularly, whether that be going for a walk listening to your favourite music, or going to a fitness class and socialising with others, you are bound to feel happier and feel more at ease. By getting out of the house and being active, this releases endorphins meaning you will feel better about yourself. So just imagine how you’d feel after exercising regularly for a whole month!

For the month of October, try to think about how you can introduce regular physical exercise into your daily routine to help improve our mental health! Here at Nuvo Wellbeing, we offer a range of classes for all ages and abilities which will boost your mental health and physical activity levels at the same time!

To see what we have to offer, head over to book a class on our website and browse through our wide list of classes or to hear about new classes and opportunities, make sure to follow us on social media!