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7 Tips for keeping fit at home during COVID-19

Here are our top ways you can keep fit during COVID-19:

Stepping up

Swapping pavements for carpeted stairs at home doesn’t sound too bad does it? The stairs don’t limit you to only up and down’ exercises either. Get creative! You can even use your bottom stair to complete exercises such as raised push-ups, dips and lunges.

Once you feel like a stair-exercise master, add weight or dumbbells to your exercises for an extra challenge. Stair exercises have been shown to help tone your leg muscles too! You’ll be toned and fit once this has all blown over.



For those who don’t know, calisthenics is a fancy way of saying ‘exercises that only use the weight of your body as resistance in the aim to promote muscle growth and strength’. These exercises are perfect for at home, as most exercises can be performed in confined spaces and with little equipment.

Inexpensive resistance bands and a door frame are more than enough to get you started in calisthenics. The range of workouts and activities are vast too. If you would like to try our online Body Tone classes click here.



Food Planning

As our classes are on hold, many of you may struggle to burn as many calories as usual. This means it will be important to get your diet right. If you’re stuck looking after the kids and don’t have much time to cook, try recipes such as Jamie Oliver’s 15-minute meals or Joe Wickes lean in 15.


Keep active when you can

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a treadmill at home or space in your garden to exercise, make use of it. You can also still go on runs, walks or bike rides alone, as long as you are keeping a safe distance. To make sure you’re getting in the required 30 minutes a day why not try a fitness tracker? Click Here to read a guide on choosing the best fitness tracker for you.


Chat to our community on Facebook 

The thing that makes Nuvo amazing is our community that come together to take care of each other with great advice and tips. You can maintain social contact via our Facebook posts or message us. Come and share your activity ideas!


Video Workouts 

Remember that old fitness DVD you’ve got in the loft? Time to dig it out and give it a go. Why not also get online and try our fitness classes? We have 4 Week Programmes for Pilates, Body Tone and Dancercise. Keep clean, safe and stay healthy! We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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  1. Pamela Lovelass

    These classes have been a God send throughout this lock down. They have not only kept me fit physically, but mentally as well. Thank you so much Natalie and Kimberley for your expert help, you are so very good and much thought about.
    Pam Lovelass 🙂

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