Community Impact

At Nuvo, we take immense pride in our daily commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and increasing community impact. Through close collaboration with our university partners and independent evaluators, we effectively showcase the impact of our work. Over the past 15+ years, we’ve had the privilege of working with over 50k people aged 1 to 107 years old, helping improve their health, wellbeing, and community inclusion.

Our message

a commitment to a healthier and equitable society

At Nuvo, our passion lies in pioneering health, wellbeing, and physical activity innovation! Through collaboration with key partners and stakeholders, we continuously strive to develop fresh and exciting methods to empower individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to engage with, increase, and sustain their physical activity levels.

Each week our programmes impact:
Participants on average in our classes per week
of our participants have become more socially included since starting a class
0 %
of our participants reported they saw an increase in their self-esteem since starting a Nuvo session
0 %

our pledge

making a difference

We aim to increase opportunities and aspirations to make community impact through projects, training, and employment opportunities.

Check out Team members Natalie and Millie’s personal growth from N-Dance student to member of our core team below:

Previous N-Dance student Natalie, now manager at Nuvo Wellbeing told us: 


“I started dancing with Nuvo at age 7 and continued until I was 18. Witnessing Nuvo’s evolution from a local dance session to a thriving social enterprise across the North East has been incredible. As a child struggling with anxiety, dance became my outlet, fostering healthy habits and preparing me for adulthood. Engaging in 4 hours of dance weekly instilled discipline, dedication, and self-motivation in me, traits that shape my professional life today. Thanks to funded sessions, my classmates and I accessed vital mental and physical health resources, fostering a safe space for socialisation in deprived areas.

Over a decade, Nuvo nurtured my confidence, dance skills, and passion for wellbeing. Inspired, I pursued Sport and Dance Leadership awards alongside my studies. After graduating with a degree in Classical Studies, I returned to Nuvo. Now, after 6 years, I serve as Project and Communication Manager, enhancing my role with qualifications in dance, wellbeing, and mental health. It’s immensely fulfilling to give back and increase our community impact, as part of an organisation that supported me.”


Previous N-Dance student Millie, now Business Admin Apprentice at Nuvo Wellbeing told us: 

My journey with Nuvo Wellbeing began at age 7, when I joined an afterschool cheerleading club. Nuvo’s sessions offered me a chance to dance and have fun and I became involved in local N-Dance sessions. My passion for dance flourished, leading me to attend up to 5 sessions per week across County Durham. These sessions opened doors to new experiences, from visiting care homes during Christmas to fundraising for charities through Tapathons and flash mobs in ASDA.

In secondary school, I established a lunchtime dance club, and our routines even made it to the Christmas pantomime stage. As I grew older, I realized my desire to share my love for dance so I approached the team to volunteer while studying Sport at Sixth Form. I was thrilled to be offered a role as a Digital Friend and upon completing Sport at Sixth Form, I was offered an Apprenticeship. Currently, I am teaching a variety of dance and fitness classes, which I adore. I’m excited to further my knowledge in business administration to contribute to Nuvo Wellbeing’s continued growth and community impact, helping others, and inspiring young people as they did for me and giving back to Nuvo for the years of happy memories they had given me.