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Millie’s N-Dance Journey

Did you know that team member Millie started out as an N-Dance student?

Read Millie’s story below to find our more on how our session help build opportunities and aspirations in young people:

The first class I took part in with Nuvo Wellbeing was an after school cheerleading club led by founder of the company, Bethany. I was aged 7 and always loved dancing. Prior to joining Nuvo, I had danced competitively in both ballroom and freestyle from the age of 3. As I got older, I realised I didn’t want to compete, I just wanted to have some fun! So when I went along to my cheerleading classes in primary school, I was really happy!

After weeks of after school clubs with Nuvo, I finally joined a session outside of school on a monday night where we would learn routines to perform in our annual showcase. This was always something I really looked forward to because it was a chance to go on stage, have fun dancing with my classmates and performing in front of a smiling crowd instead of examiners. I loved my Nuvo classes so much that I started to attend up to 5 sessions per week across the whole of County Durham! Because of this, I was moved up into the older girls’ class meaning I felt really special and this is where my huge passion for dance really started!

Due to me being in the older class, I got the opportunity to do so much more with Nuvo, such as visiting care homes at Christmas and encouraging them to dance with us, perform a flashmob in the middle of Asda, raise money for a charity doing a tapathon and much much more…

When I got into secondary school, I used my passion for dance to set up a dance club at lunch time where me and my friends would make up dance routines and perform them at the Christmas pantomime! I really loved dancing, however I knew as I was getting older, I would need to step up to either teaching dance, or going back into competitive environments to compete for opportunities such as the West End.

As I got older, I quickly realised that I wanted to share my love for dance with others, and a great way to do this would be to help out at Nuvo Wellbeing. Every Wednesday after school I would go to a Nuvo class where I would help lead warm ups, create routines as well as still learning new dances myself. I did this for around a year until covid struck!

I really missed dancing but strangely, I really missed teaching others and creating routines more! I got in contact with Nuvo and told them how I was currently studying Sport at Sixth Form and when Covid-19 was reduced, would I be able to help out?

I was then given the role as Digital Friend Volunteer! I started out by helping out with promoting our zoom online classes and then I started to help out with the marketing side! I absolutely loved the fact I was given back to Nuvo after all the years of memories and experience they had given me! When the lockdown was over and classes were able to return, I was coming to an end of my time at Sixth Form. I knew from the start that University wasnt for me. I didn’t like the thought of being away from home and away from places such as Nuvo which I have grown up alongside. This is when I was offered an Apprenticeship from Nuvo Wellbeing!

I am currently teaching a range of different classes from seated dance to kids dance classes which i absolutely love and i am going onto start my apprenticeship very soon where i will be able to expand my knowledge further in order to help Nuvo Wellbeing progress into an even more amazing business, helping people and hopefully inspiring people like they did to me!

Millie Rogers

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