Empowering Communities through Dance and Volunteering

NuVolunteering Programme is a transformative initiative aimed at improving physical and mental health while tackling loneliness and social isolation in deprived areas of East Durham. Our vision is to create a positive impact by offering free dance sessions and establishing a volunteering scheme that enhances social inclusion, builds confidence, and fosters self-esteem.

Key Elements of the NuVolunteering Programme:

  • Over a 12 month period we are providing weekly dance fitness sessions for 160 individuals in their local areas. These sessions are designed to enhance health, well-being, social connectivity, and foster new friendships.

  • Participants can access our online platform which features standing and seated dance video workshops to supplement face-to-face classes. Participants can improve their fitness, health, and confidence through these workshops while engaging in wider community activities.

  • Our dedicated online community platform allows participants to interact outside of classes, building strong support networks within their local communities
  • We are offering 8 individuals a unique chance to participate in our volunteering programme. This comprehensive scheme includes mentoring, training, one-to-one support, and volunteering opportunities with Nuvo Wellbeing. This programme aims to increase participants’ confidence, self-esteem, mental health, aspirations, and community cohesion.

The Impact of the NuVolunteering Programme:

By delivering weekly Dance Fitness sessions and offering a specialised volunteering programme, we aim to address the well-documented need for improved physical and mental health support in areas of East Durham. Our previous experience has shown that dance sessions can have a significant positive effect on overall health, mood, and social engagement.

The NuVolunteering Programme goal is to empower individuals, transforming their lives through dance, volunteering, and social inclusion. By making a positive impact on physical and mental well-being and fostering strong support networks, we aim to promote healthier and happier communities in East Durham and beyond.