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“My son Jayden started dancing with Nuvo when he was 6. We previously enrolled Jayden into a different dance school but he struggled and encountered a bit of bullying. This knocked his confidence and made him doubt his own ability.

At Nuvo, immediately Jayden was made to feel welcome. He got to take part in their show, and he loved it. His dance teachers have always supported Jayden and have kept him smiling. He loves to learn routines and always volunteers for performances.

Throughout his time with Nuvo Jayden has hit a few struggles including eating. He would miss meals and hide food. I brought this to the attention of his dance teacher and her help and support were amazing! In just a few short weeks we had our bubbly boy back. I couldn’t have done that without Nuvo’s help.

It’s reassurance like that which has shown us that we made the right choice when Jayden joined. He has grown into a talented dancer with the added bonus of being apart if a team who thrive on health and wellbeing within the community.

Jayden is hoping to become an apprentice with Nuvo when he is old enough and I think that’s a testament of how far they have brought him and how well he is looked after and supported.”