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I began’s Bump to Buggy Programme in February 2020. I was interested, as I has been looking for a form of exercise which was child friendly. After giving birth I was fearful of returning to exercise. Attending Nuvo’s weekly sessions has already helped me overcome that fear.

I now always feel energised after taking part. Attending each week has positively impacted my mental wellbeing as it helps clear my mind if I’ve had a difficult morning with the baby. I feel much happier and I always really look forward to the next class. The classes have motivated me to push myself and exercise more. I’m losing weight and increasing my fitness as well as lifting my mood.

The thing I enjoy most is that I can bring my baby along and that there is a social side, so I get to meet with new mothers. The classes have made me more confident in talking to other Mums, and by talking to them I can make new connections and find out about other classes and resources that are useful to me and my baby.

Nuvo’s Bump to Buggy classes are amazing. 3 years ago, when I had my little girl, there were only outdoor sessions available for Mums and babies and you had to pay for them. It’s fantastic that these classes are indoor and free!