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Nuvo Wellbeing Dementia Friends Training

This month Nuvo Wellbeing hosted a Dementia Friends training. At Nuvo Wellbeing we work with a lot of class members with Dementia, both in our care home and community classes. Due to this we often see the effects which dementia can have on an individuals life. Because of this, Dementia Friends is a cause close to our hearts.

To ensure our instructors are able to treat those living with dementia with the best care, our team are Dementia Friends trained.

The Training Day

This month Emma, our Assistant Project Lead and Dementia Friend Champion, hosted an in-house Dementia Friend training day at Nuvo Wellbeing HQ on Thursday 11th April.

Our staff who weren’t already Dementia friends attended the hour long session. They left with the intention of making their community, work, and life a little brighter for those living with Dementia.

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What to do if you think you’re developing signs of Dementia

Dementia is a very gradual thing
, and it happens so slowly that people have time to adjust. It is just the same as how we all adjust to slowly losing visual acuity as we get older. You forget names, so you learn new ways to link names with faces. You forget appointments, so you buy a journal app with reminder notifications. The point is that you adjust over time so that you are almost the last person to recognise the onset of your dementia.

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Dementia Friend Training Days

If you would like to attend a free dementia training session at our HQ in Billingham, email: Or if you think you know someone who would like to attend please share this post on your social media.