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I started the Community Wellness project over 1 year ago, attending 1 bootcamp session a week every Monday night. 

At first I wasn’t sure if it was for me. I had never done exercise and stuck to it. Before I started bootcamp I used to try and attend the gym. I could never stick to it and found I was having to force myself. It was boring and there was no challenge involved in it. One of my friends heard there was a free trial on for a bootcamp session and asked if I wanted to give it ago. I went along not really sure what to expect. 

The instructor was lovely and explained everything to me, what was going to happen in the session and told me if I was struggling to let her know. This put me at ease and I got on with the session. Since then I have never give up the bootcamp. Even though I am a year into it I still find it fun and still benefit from the sessions. No session is the same and I still feel like I’ve worked after every session. 

I am now attending up to 3 sessions a week, including kettlebells to music and metafit, which is something I never thought I would do. Metafit is hard and intense, but I’m loving it. Since this time last year I have lost over 1 stone. This for me is great as I’ve always found it hard to lose and maintain weight. 

I am really happy with all the classes that I go to and I feel that there is a social side to the classes. I started off going with friends and when they couldn’t make it would feel anxious about going on my own. Now I know most people in the session and feel at ease going to the class knowing people will be there that I already talk to. We keep in touch outside of the class by social media and texting also. I have a really good relationship with the coach to, so this makes it easier to attend the sessions. 

The classes have helped me in many ways. I have reached my goal weight, I have gained confidence and my self-esteem has increased. I feel a happier person for doing exercise and I believe this is now a big part of my lifestyle.