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Nuvo Launches Feel Good with Nuvo Membership!

At Nuvo Wellbeing we are passionate about what we do and the communities we work with.

We work at a local level with our partners to deliver world-class affordable and fun dance, fitness and healthy eating opportunities for all, believing passionately in the areas where we work and growing our business steadily year on year – providing innovative and friendly programmes delivering long term benefits for individuals and communities.

At Nuvo Wellbeing, we strive for innovation, developing new and exciting methods to support people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to engage, increase and sustain physical activity levels.


Our Community Aims

Within our community projects we hold a strong focus on both ‘Active Ageing’ and ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’.

Active Ageing Projects:
Maintaining physical activity levels as we age has a huge number of health benefits. This is why, at Nuvo, we ensure that are classes and projects are catered for all ages and abilities, making fitness and wellbeing accessible to all.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind:
Regular exercise and a healthy body has profoundly positive impact on mental health. Here at Nuvo we integrate understanding of this link into our sessions and projects, to ensure that are participants benefit from both physical and mental wellbeing.

Feel Good with Nuvo

As COVID-19 has catapulted us all into the digital world, we have been working behind the scenes to develop a new innovative project, helping us to reach a far greater amount of participants than ever before!

We have developed Nuvo’s ‘Feel Good with Nuvo’ membership!

This membership grants individuals access to an easy to use online platform and monthly postal resources to improve health and wellbeing.

The membership helps users feel good, look good, and socialise with one another, after long periods of isolation and social distancing.


Feel Good with Nuvo is a brand-new membership that enables you to get active and achieve wellbeing in the comfort of your own home.

Start your wellbeing journey, help maintain your health, or ease yourself back into fitness post lockdown with this low to moderate intensity membership:

  • Access the Nuvo online platform for new and exciting online classes each month. These low to moderate level sessions are suitable for all abilities and accessible any time of the day or night including; Dancercise / Seated Dancercise and Yogalates / Seated Yogalates classes.
  • Members are also invited to an optional monthly online coffee morning to meet other members and chat about all things wellbeing from techniques to improve sleep to managing stress.
  • Attend an optional monthly themed Dancercise Event for some dancing fun and to socialise in our private online group.
  • monthly bitesize wellbeing workshop is available to watch at your own leisure.
  • Healthy, nutritious and tasty monthly monthly recipes to try, for all round good health and wellbeing!



How to sign up!

Our Feel Good with Nuvo membership costs just £6 a month and membership can be cancelled at any time!

If you would like to sign up to our membership  click the button below!






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