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5 Ways to Include Fitness into Your Daily Routine 

Blog written by Millie Rogers

It is so important to keep fitness in your daily routine to keep fit and active! Whether this be a gentle 30-minute stroll on your lunch break, or joining a dance or fitness class, there is a way for everyone to keep active in a way in which they love! 

Below is a list of 5 ways you can include fitness into your daily routine:

Choose to Walk

Why not park further away from work or the shops? It can be so easy to pull up into the first free space you see at work. This way is easy, quick and practical for you, but do you ever wonder if its practical for your fitness levels and ability?

You can make up as many excuses as you like, for example, “I’ll be late for work if I park further away”, however, waking up earlier, having a substantial and health breakfast and drinking water before you leave the house are all great ways of bettering your lifestyle as well.

Parking further away will allow you to walk a little bit further, increasing the number of steps you do that day which will keep you fit and active at the same time as helping with mobility and flexibility.


This broad statement may confuse you, however by multitasking in areas such as watching the TV, working at a desk, sitting on your phone, why not incorporate this with fitness?

For example, you’ve just finished work, you’re sat on your phone on the couch, this is a prime time to introduce fitness into daily life. As you’re sat on the coach, do some leg raises, stretching or muscle care to ensure you’re staying fit and active.

This little habit each day can cause some huge changes to your health and wellbeing, improving mobility and getting those joints and muscles moving, with little effort!

Take the Stairs

In everyday life, we have the option of taking the stairs or hopping into a lift or esculator and arriving at the top floor in 5 seconds, and yes, I know which is the more appealing option.

However, swapping out the lift and taking the stairs can have a huge impact on everyday life. By walking up and down stairs, this increases leg muscle activity and allows our body to get those steps in, in order to be more fit and active.

Put your favourite music on and dance the night away…

No but seriously, by listening to music, this releases endorphins which is a hormone which makes us feel good. This will boost our mood and improve motivation levels, meaning we are more likely to get up and do something, whether that be a dance or a nice stroll in the park.

Top Tip: make a playlist with your favourite high energy uplifting songs for the best results! 

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  1. Finally, the final way I believe is the best way to introduce fitness into your everyday life is to plan! It can be so easy to push fitness and exercise to the back of your head and priority list due to the world having so much going on, however, if you plan to meet up with your friend for a walk, or plan to try out a new fitness class at your local leisure centre, you’re much more likely to make that time and effort to go and exercise. This way you’re having fun, planning your training and introducing fitness to your daily life all at the same time! 

All of these options above are definitely worth a try, again, it is so important to keep fit and healthy as we grow up. No matter what age you are, there is always room to improve fitness levels and become that bit happier and healthier!