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5 Ways to Keep Motivated in the Winter

Keep Motivated

Training and staying motivated during winter can be both a challenge and an opportunity. A challenge because the weather is cooler and the daylight hours are less, but also an opportunity because you can continue to progress towards your health and fitness goals, while everyone else is still slowing down!

1. Workout with a friend or trainer

Training with a friend or personal trainer is one of the best ways to stay motivated and increase your accountability. You’ll be less likely to skip a session, you’ll push each other and probably have more fun achieving your goals than you would alone.

2. Watch your portion sizes

The cooler weather means we naturally reach for warm and rich foods, which is fine as they generally keep us fuller for longer, but just be aware of your portion sizes. Plan and prep your meals in advance, and consider using protein shakes or smoothies when you’re on the run, so you won’t be tempted by greasy fast food. Making good food choices will have a positive effect on your training motivation and of course, energy levels.

3. Change it up

Doing the same thing can become monotonous and boring, and on top of the cold weather, it can become an excuse for not training. Try something new like pilates, body tone or our adult tap class or check out your gym’s class timetable for ideas. By the end of winter you will have learnt a new skill, and burnt a lot of calories in the process.

4. Winter gear

Quality leggings or workout tops will help you keep warm and look the part. I used 2XU leggings throughout my career and not only were they great in Arizona, but they made a big difference to recovery. The expense should motivate you to put your purchases to good use in the gym, as well!

5. Set a goal

Almost half of Aussies will put on a couple of kilos during the colder months. Don’t fall victim to weight gain and instead, set yourself a winter goal. Whether it’s to lose weight, lift heavier, or to get faster. Then once summer hits, reward yourself if you reach it with a pair of shoes, a cheat meal at your favourite restaurant or a cupboard full of quality protein supplements.